Government e-Procurement System

Summary Tender Notice
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Entity code 3.13.20
Procuring entity Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Address of procuring entity No. 501, sec.2 , Liming Rd., Nantuen Chiu, Taichung, Taiwan 408, R.O.C.
Contact person Chang, Li-Jen
Tel. No.
Fax No.
Job number MOEAWRA1110383
Subject of procurement HooWave Resilient Township & Waterfront Landscape Design and Construction Supervision
Attribute of procurement <8674>
Conduct procurement
GPA-covered case
ANZTEC-covered case
ASTEP-covered case
Electronic auction
Commercial goods or services
Type of procurement
Award criteria
No. of times of publication 01
Status of tender
Date of the latest publication 2022/04/21
Date of original publication 2022/04/15
Multiple award
Design-build contract
Inter-entity supply contract
Charge of electronic tender documentation NT$ 20
Written tender documentation for sell
Revised tender documentation Yes
Electronic submission of tender
Selling price and terms of payment for tender documentation Bidding Document price and payment method: Free
Address for obtaining tender documentation No. 501, sec.2 , Liming Rd., Nantuen Chiu, Taichung, Taiwan 408, R.O.C.
Time-limit for receipt of tenders
Date of opening of tenders
Bid bond
Language(s) in tenders
Basic qualifications
Basic qualification documents or articles that shall be submitted:
Specific qualifications
Additional description Bidding Document retrieval methods :
1. By mail: Allow appropriate delivery time.Include alarge pre-addressed, stamped envelope with sufficientpre-paid postage with a delivery request by mail to theaddress above.
2. In person: Ministry of Economic Affairs, Water Resources Agency, Secretarial Office, 2nd Section, Fl.1 No.501, Sec. 2, Liming Rd., Nantun Dist., Taichung City 40873,Taiwan,R.O.C.
Complaint Review Board Complaint Review Board of Government Procurement of Public Construction Commission
Supervision or Anti-corruption Unit Procurement Supervision Unit of Ministry of Economic Affairs
Investigation Bureau of Ministry of Justice
Taichung City Field Division of Investigation Bureau of Ministry of Justice
Agency against Corruption of Ministry of Justice
Central Procurement Supervision Unit
Times Updated Seq. Attachment changed Date Notice
01 2022/04/15 Proclamation
01 01 Yes 2022/04/21 Proclamation